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Jimin/Jeongguk. NC-17. 1580 words
Jeongguk is intoxicating. (ao3 mirror)

Jeongguk likes the atmosphere. Jimin likes wherever Jeongguk is.

This is not the Christmas party he had wanted. Jimin liked Christmas — not as much as Taehyung — but he liked Christmas. Jimin supposes this is payback for making Jeongguk wear a matching sweater and singing a duet with him.

"Drink?" Jeongguk asks.

Jimin just shakes his head, watching as Jeongguk knocks back a shot of clear liquid. Jimin’s never been one to tell Jeongguk what to do, not that Jeongguk would listen if he did.

Rules only exist for Jeongguk to break them.

When his head begins to hurt from the music he caves to the drink — just one he says — and Jeongguk smiles. His smile is intoxicating and hurts more than the liquor burning down his throat.

"What’s that?" Jimin asks at the two pills in Jeongguk’s open palm. His eyes swim with mischief and his smiles cracks into a soft laugh that Jimin swallows up thirstily.

"Trust me?" It barely sounds like a question as Jeongguk presses his body close to Jimin’s, his hand brushing across his cheek and his tongue opening his mouth. Jimin can taste the bitterness of the pill mixed with the sweet of his lips. 

"Swallow," His breath is hot against his ear. His fingers curl around his wrist and he drags him onto the dance floor.

Jimin feels cut off from reality. He’s adrift in a crowd and the music comes in and out like a tide. Jeongguk explores his body with his fingers and his lips. He breathes him in. Jimin can feel his breath at his neck and his thumb drawing lazy circles into the sharp curve of his hipbone. He kisses gently along his jawline, his fingers brushing back the hair that clings to his sweaty forehead. It’s too soft and loving for a night club that smells like sex and weed. He wants to savor this touch before his teeth break his skin and his fingers tangle in his hair. Jeongguk pulls his head back to delve deeper into his mouth. He sucks his bottom lip between his teeth and bites at it until Jimin lets out a moan.

His pants are tight and show the muscles in his thighs. Jimin loves wearing these pants because of the way Jeongguk stares. Jeongguk grips at his ass. His hands fist in Jeongguk’s shirt and he pulls him closer to him. Only clothes separates their skin from each other. He rubs his arousal against his thigh.

"Bathroom?" Jeongguk asks and Jimin just nods.

Jeongguk guides him through the sea of bodies and into the quiet of the bathroom. It almost snaps him back to reality.

Jimin wonders for a second if Jeongguk has done this before. The thought of Jeongguk being touched by someone else makes his stomach tighten. It makes him want to kiss him harder. Litter his skin with teeth marks and bruises. He wonders just how well he knows the boy he has so helplessly fallen for, but any thoughts — any reservations — quickly disperse when Jeongguk pushes him into a bathroom stall and locks the door behind them. His lips are soft against his, the taste of vodka and orange juice sharp on his tongue. He tugs at his hair and it makes Jimin bite back a moan. He pushes Jeongguk away to catch his breath.

"God Jeongguk this is not how I wanted this to go,"

"Fantasize about me much?" Jeongguk smirks.

Jimin rolls his eyes, even though he does. Sometimes Jeongguk is all he thinks about.

"Do you really want to have your first in a bathroom stall?" Jimin asks.

Jeongguk never got the big deal about firsts. He doesn’t understand the sanctimony about virginity. He hates the cheese of young adult novels and romance movies. It’s fucking. It didn’t matter if it was a strange bathroom or their dorm bed.

"This isn’t my first time," Jeongguk admits.

"What?" It’s not that he’s even surprised anymore, not after tonight, but he feels something almost like loss at Jeongguk’s innocence.

"There was this guy in school," Jeongguk rests his forehead against his. His nose nudges his. His voice is low and if it was anyone other than Jeongguk Jimin would have sworn he heard regret in his voice.

"Oh," Jimin just says.

"Was he the same year as you?"


"How much older?"

"Not much."

Jimin drops it because he isn’t really sure he wants to know.

"Do you really want your first time to be in a bathroom in a shitty club?”

"What makes you think it’s my first time?"

"Hyung," Jeongguk kisses the side of his mouth and smiles, "You’re particularity shaking."

"It’s you, it doesn’t matter where it is it’s you." Jimin sighs. No. This isn’t at all how he wanted this, but it’s Jeongguk and that’s enough. He’s always been enough. It’s stupid really how much he had thought about this moment. How different he thought it’d be. He had listened to too many love songs, watched too many movies, and not the ones about drunk sex in bathrooms.

"Are you mad that you’re not my first too?" His fingers map his face.His thumb brushes over his plump bottom lip. Chapped red and swollen from kissing him.

"I could never be mad at you I’m just a little disappointed is all."

"He didn’t matter. You matter."

Jimin’s sure it’s the alcohol talking. Jeongguk’s tongue isn’t laced with sugar. He only says sweet things on camera, but still it pulls at Jimin’s heart. He feels like a puppet on Jeongguk’s strings. This kid could do anything to him and he’d let him with a smile.

Jeongguk kisses him breathless. Breathing his exhale and getting even harder off his moan. Jeongguk hooks his fingers in his jeans and tugs them down around his thighs. The air that hits his bare skin is cold, but he’s warm from the alcohol and the lust furling in his stomach. His hand glides over his ass. “You have a great ass, hyung.”

"Turn around." Jimin looks at him for a second before doing as he’s told. Jeongguk presses him into the wall. He spreads his cheeks and whispers something inaudible into his dark hair.

His fingers circle at his entrance. Jeongguk kisses at the nape of his neck sweetly before pushing into him. Jimin inhales sharply at the sensation and squeezes at Jeongguk’s hand tightly. It’s a strange feeling, not entirely unpleasant. His fingers coated in nothing, but his saliva curl and pump inside of him.

"You’re really tight." Jimin has his eyes closed and his fingers wrapped tightly around his.

"Relax." Jeongguk says when Jimin clenches around his fingers. "It’ll feel good soon. I promise. I’ll make you feel so good."

Jimin rests his forehead against the cool of the bathroom stall wall. 

He pushes in further and smiles when Jimin rolls his hips back into his touch. His whine turning into little moans as his jerks against him.

"Feels good huh?" The huskiness of his voice makes his cock throb. "My dick will feel even better inside you." Someone with such a sweet face shouldn’t have such a dirty mouth.

"Christ Jeongguk just fuck me," Jimin is no saint himself.

He rubs the head of his cock against him before pushing in slowly.

Jeongguk grunts from the tightness and Jimin chokes out a sob from the pain of being stretched open. He grasps at the hand gripping his hip, lacing their fingers together (it’s a small comfort), and pushes back into Jeongguk. Rolling his hips at a steady pace.

"Do you know how badly I’ve wanted this?" Jimin breathes out between moans.

"I could tell." Jeongguk chuckles, but he wanted it too.

"I like you so much." Need thick as the smell of alcohol.

"I like you a lot too Jimin." He wraps his hand around his cock and strokes slowly. His fingers lightly brushing over the slit of his cock as he nibbles at his earlobe.

"Moan my name." Jeongguk teases a finger down the length of his cock.

"Jeongguk—" His name is a whisper.

"Louder," Jeongguk bites into his shoulder. Running his tongue over the shape of his teeth grooves in his skin. Jimin has baby skin. Soft and supple, the colour of pale gold and taste of honey. He could never tire of kissing him.

"Jeongguk," He moans loudly. Too lost in the feeling of Jeongguk inside him to feel shame.

Jeongguk comes first. Thrusting roughly and gripping at his hips. His fingernails dig in and leave marks Jimin never wants to go away. Jimin can feel his heat leaking out of him. His hand is around him again, pumping fast and hard.

Jimin comes with his name on his tongue.

Jeongguk rests against Jimin for a moment — sweat has bled through the back of his shirt and his heart seizes tightly at the silence — before pressing a kiss to his temple. Jimin turns around and holds him in his arms. He strokes at his hair and looks at him. Forehead beading with sweat and cheeks flushed he has never looked more beautiful.

"Can I be on top next time? I want to see your face when you come."

"Next time," Jeongguk smiles into his hair. He likes hiding in the dark of his hair and the warmth of his skin. He wants to stay in his arms. Jimin is his shelter.

"Do you want a next time?"

"I want a hundred more times."

Tags: fic: bangtan
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