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jeongguk/taehyung. nc-17. 1010 words
there are two sides to jeongguk -- the sweet and innocent side that has been neatly packaged and presented in front of the world and the side that crawls into taehyung's bed. (ao3 mirror)

there are two sides to jeongguk -- the sweet and innocent side that has been neatly packaged and presented in front of the world and the side that crawls into taehyung's bed and sneaks a hand into his pants. his fingers curl around his cock. he breathes hotly against taehyung's ear, "beg for it, i want you to beg me to fuck you, to let you come."

this is the only power he has. the only control. taehyung gives in willingly because taehyung likes to be held down and fucked and tied up and fucked and jeongguk knows this.

he knew this with one look at the barely older boy.

"fuck me," taehyung groans.

jeongguk could come from the sound of his voice alone, but he doesn't because he has control. unlike taehyung who all but melts when jeongguk lays one finger on him.

"fuck me, what?" jeongguk licks at his bitten lips.

"fuck me, hyung," taehyung breathes slowly because he knows jeongguk likes to be called that. a part of jeongguk resents being the youngest. a part of him resents being the golden maknae. this part of him, that's pinning him to the bed, is taehyung's favourite part of jeongguk.

"please," the word falls softly from taehyung's tongue.

good. jeongguk all but says. his eyes are dark. they run over taehyung's naked body like a torrent of black water, but he isn't left shivering. he's never cold when jeongguk's skin is against his.

there is always evidence from a crime scene. that is how they fuck. the evidence all over their skin. bite marks and bruises mapping the soft surfaces of their collarbones and thighs.

his fingers twist in his hair. curly strands of orange that remind him of the sun before dusk overcomes. jeongguk pulls taehyung closer against his body. their faces are mere inches apart. his nose brushes against his and he kisses the top of his mouth. it's the little pauses like this that grip taehyung the hardest. jeongguk has his fingers digging into his heart. jeongguk kisses him hard the second time. taehyung runs his tongue over his lips. the tang of metal fills his mouth. he kisses jeongguk back, tongue pressing into the side of his cheek.

jeongguk pulls his shirt up roughly. fingertips tracing the lines of his taut stomach. mouth following the red path his fingers leave. taehyung inhales his name. he is the poison he breathes in welcomingly.

the rustle of his belt breaks up the feeling of jeongguk's teeth scraping down his naval. taehyung only wears the thing so that jeongguk can use it on him. he loves the feeling of leather against his skin.

taehyung helps wiggle out of his jeans as jeongguk pulls them down around his ankles. taehyung watches him through his eyelashes. jeongguk hates when he looks at him like that. like he's the center of the universe that pulls and pulls at taehyung's skin and keeps him grounded. it makes the air struggle to find his lungs. it makes his heart a heavy weight that drags him to the ocean floor. it makes him not know what this is.

jeongguk knots the belt around his wrists tightly. the next morning the marks will still be there and jeongguk will brush his lips over them. not in apology, never in apology, for making the binds so tight, but out of pride. every memory they make together leaves its patterns on their skin. jeongguk kisses him again. his thumb brushes over the head of his cock. he chuckles softly at the pout taehyung makes when he takes his touch away.

"hyung, please," taehyung rolls his hips against him.

"i like taking my time," jeongguk smiles into the kiss.

"you like making me wait you mean," taehyung breathes.

"that too," jeongguk sucks his bottom lip into his mouth, "you're too impatient."

"you need to be taught a lesson," jeongguk traces the sharp curve of his collarbone, "maybe i should leave you here, bound, for someone to find."

"i bet they couldn't resist you like this," jeongguk nips at his lip. he licks at the fleck of red. taehyung fights a moan. much to everyone's surprise taehyung knows how to be quiet.

"i can be good..." his voice is low. lower than jeongguk has ever heard it and it makes his cock ache.

"can you?" jeongguk asks.

taehyung nods and jeongguk smiles.

the only thing gentle about jeongguk is his smile, but in the darkness it looks like a flame licking across his skin.

jeongguk pushes his thighs up slowly. his eyes fall over the length of taehyung's body. he looks beautiful like this, he's always beautiful, but like this -- bound to the bed frame, hair matted and clinging to his face, skin flushed -- is a shot of the best feeling drug in the world straight to his veins. he enters him excruciatingly slowly. it makes taehyung cry out from the friction and the heat and the relief they both desperately need.

they can be rough with each other even in the light of day -- under the scope of onlookers who see and don't see what they want -- because that is the nature of their relationship. they're close. sometimes so close that it gives pause. jeongguk has to pull away when taehyung play bites him even though all he wants is for taehyung to sink his teeth into his flesh. taehyung has to stop himself from smiling like the sun is overflowing from his veins every time jeongguk looks at him.

his stomach eats away at itself with the hunger he feels for him. taehyung's too restless, too fidgety, and too goddamn loud, but when he's underneath jeongguk he is still. the only sounds he makes are the ones jeongguk wants him to.

taehyung gives and jeongguk takes and it works because they're not fighting each other. they both know that together is only for now. together is fucking in bathroom stalls under florescent lights that make jeongguk's black hair look almost blue. together is a battle they can't win.

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